Merry D RV Sanctuary

4261 Pleasant Hill Road

Kissimmee, FL 34746-2933

(407) 870-0719 / (800) 208-3434 / Fax (407) 870-0198


Full Service includes water, up to 50 amps Electricity, Sewer, 70+ channels on Cable TV (Cable Box from Spectrum REQUIRED). Park Model sites (N-01 through N-32 are provided with 100, 50 and 30 amps only). "Super" sites are all "N" row locations for units that are a minimum of 33' long. These sites are 50' wide and from 96 to 156 feet long. These sites will take any unit presently allowed on the road.

Partial Service (Water/Electric) includes water, up to 30 amps electricity and 70+ Cable TV channels.

Primitive Camping is - PRIMITIVE. A nice spot of ground is provided. Ground fires and fire rings okay - depending on weather/local conditions. No electric or water services at all.

Rates are for 2 people. Each extra person is an additional $2.00 plus tax per day.

Refunds - All monthly deposits of $100 (which revert to electric deposit once you are on-site) are NON-Refundable if you cancel within 30 days of your expected arrival date. Weekly and daily deposits are for the price of a single nights stay and are NON-Refundable if you cancel within a 2 weeks or less of your arrival date. All refunds for your deposits are less 6% if charged on your credit card. This is the charge the Merry D is charged for each credit card use (3% on the initial deposit and 3% on the return of your funds. It is never nice to have to miss out on other customers because your site is being held - and not used. Yes, there are always extenuating circumstances and we really do appreciate your calling us to let us know of any changes.

Pet Restrictions: Our pet restrictions are simple - no weight requirements but pets must not be of a vicious propensity (insurance talk for a breed that is known to be vicious such as pit bulls, dobermans, etc.) - whether of a vicious breed or just not 'nice' in nature. They must remain on a leash at all times with one of the guest present (no pet tethered but unattended). A maximum of 3 pets please.

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