Hello and Welcome! The following pictures are some varied views of the Merry D - from the entrance through the campground.

Merry D sign off of Pleasant Hill Road - When you see this sign, you've made it up Pleasant Hill Road!


Just back the drive is the Office - at least the daytime office. Here we will be able to assist you and make your stay as joyful and quiet as possible.

Yes, as the sign says, you are Welcome to the Merry D - a Sanctuary and peaceful place to hang your hat for a day, week, or even longer.

At the Office, you will meet Shirley, Marsh, Kathy or Dan who will not only show you where to go, but how to get there too!



A little color - a lot of joy. This is just a bit of what makes our park and our area great. Flowers bloom and brighten our days. It's too bad though that they do not stay around all year long.

This is one of the units set up permanently here at the Merry D. Notice the trees and shade in abundance. We believe in keeping as much of nature as possible.

The Fellowship hall contains our bathrooms, laundry facility and recreation area. We don't have electronic toys, pinball machines or video games here - just an area to sit and relax and enjoy the 'fellowship' of all the other guests. Pot lucks, card night and ice cream socials are just a few of the get togethers we do enjoy here.

If that isn't peacefull enough, we also have some spots set aside where you can really comune with nature. This is one of the two ponds where you can sit and relax or dangle a bait in the water for some of the big lunkers Florida is famious for.

This is the second bathroom, located closer to the tenting area. We try to keep things cozy with plenty of hot showers and clean facilities. The solar panels keep the hot water flowing for your comfort.

This is a picture of the Shelter house. We hold many of our outdoor get togethers here. There is nothing like sitting down with a group of like minded individuals to enjoy a outdoor cookout!

This is the looking across the second pond toward the Chappel area.

Looking back toward the location where the previous picture was taken.

This is a daylight picture of the Chappel area. We hold weddings, ceremonies and Easter Sunrise Services here.

Back to God and Nature - the picture says it all!

Easter Sunrise service with the sun rising from the mists. It's GREAT!

Oh, here's Kathy, waiting with refreshments after the Sunrise Services.

As you settle in to relax after your stay here at the Merry D, you will have many things to remember. The peace and quiet, the frindship you will experience firsthand and the beauty of nature that surrounds you. We look forward to your visit to the Merry D. Better yet, we look forward to your return again and again to the Merry D!

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