Below, you will find the map of the Merry D RV Sanctuary. Unfortunately, you will also find that you can't make out much of the site locations on it. Please bear with me while I try to figure out a way to put a great image on here without taking a long time to load on your computer. At the present time, I am adding site pictures to the map below. Please 'click' on the site number for a picture of the site itself. You must use the 'back arrow' to return to the site map.



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This is the map of the local area around the Merry D. We are located South of Kissimmee and close to Lake Tohopakaliga "Lake Toho". At a distance of 10 miles south of Kissimmee, we are placed close to most of the attractions and points of interest. MD.LocalMap

Disney World - 21 miles (30 minutes) ------ EPCOT - 23 miles (25 minutes)

Universal Studios - 27 miles (43 minutes) ----- Sea World - 21 miles (38 minutes)

Cypress Gardens - 28 miles (43 minutes)

Orlando International Airport - 27.3 miles (42 minutes)

Closest grocerey stores - Publix (two close within a mile or so) and Super Wal-Mart - 1.3 miles


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